Apr 2, 2020 Practice News

Dear Patients of Balmoral Medical Practice,

Following a media & internet onslaught of negativity & fear, panic buying,  financial recession, and loss of livelihoods for many, I felt a strong ethical obligation to share with you grounded & sensible information, and to let you know that our medical, nursing, & admin team is committed to continue safely delivering health care to you at the practice every day, throughout this health crisis.

To safeguard your ongoing well-being, we:

  1. Have strict infection control pathways so that your visit to see our doctors, can continue to be a safe and reassuring experience
  2. Encourage EVERYONE to book for a FLU VACCINATION (including all babies over 6 months and children) as soon as possible, whilst you are well. Our full-time nurse Leah will run a dedicated Flu Vaccination Clinic to immunise as many people as possible as fast as we can. We have already started flu immunisations. Please be patient with bookings – we have over 5000 patients to immunise
  3. Encourage you where possible to use our existing Telephone & Video Consultation Services from home, which can be booked through reception, our website, or the HotDoc booking service
  4. Encourage you to wash your hands frequently & practice social distancing of 1.5m.
  5. Are establishing a physically separate AFTERNOON 3 pm – 6 pm Respiratory Assessment & Testing Clinic at our rear pathology centre, to assess and treat all cases of respiratory illness including COVID-19, Influenza, and the Common Cold. This clinic has a separate entry, separate ventilation systems, & separate waiting area – so that those who need to see their GP for other reasons, can do so safely in our usual Consulting Rooms without worrying about cross-infective risk. Patients attending the Respiratory Clinic must wear a mask, call reception from their parked car on arrival, and will be called in for review one at a time.
  6. Have installed a new online booking system ‘HOTDOC’ to streamline bookings, patient information, reminders, recalls, messaging, and communication
  7. Request you do not take masks, swabs, protective gowns, nor toilet paper from the medical practice – we must protect our doctors, nurse, and admin staff first so they can continue to deliver care to all the community we serve.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the respect and trust given to our team over the last 5 years. It is a privilege to look after you, and we look forward to continuing our work.

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