For your convenience, we offer a unique ‘Medicines Dispensary Service’ onsite to our patients. We are able to supply most antibiotics, anti-nausea and migraine medications as well as antihistamines or medications required for urgent interventions. Your doctor may offer to supply the urgent medication at the end of your consultation. For ongoing prescriptions of routine non-urgent medicines, we supply a prescription for your local pharmacy.

For patients with complex numerous medicines, we also have a free Medicine Review Service, so that at your convenience we send a Pharmacist to your home to review and if possible reduce multiple medications. We have found this expertise useful to review side effects, and for your doctor to reconsider if a newer medication without side effects can replace older medications. In most cases, we are able to provide the medicine review service free of charge.

The on-site Medicines Dispensary and the Medicines Review Services are particularly useful for patients with difficulties mobilising to attend a local pharmacy.

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