We repair most skin tears, cuts, and lacerations, using local anaesthetics. In urgent cases, call our reception team so we can stabilise and repair the injury as soon as possible.  For more complex cases, deep internal injuries, or for young children (who may require sedation or a general anaesthetic), after initial assessment, we may send you on to an emergency department or a private surgeon for definitive treatment. All surgery is performed onsite with sterile instruments.

All our GP’s also remove Implanon contraceptive devices and Mirena IUDs. Please book a 30 minute (long) consultation to get this done.

Excision of skin lesions and skin cancers usually requires an initial consultation with your GP to ascertain the correct diagnosis. The doctor will then explain the surgery to you, let you know the length of time required for the procedure, and give you an estimate of the expected out-of-pocket fee, depending on the complexity of surgery required. Recovery time is a minimum of 7-10 days until returning for removal of sutures on-site. We therefore avoid doing surgery prior to when a patient is about to travel out of Sydney.

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