We use free Skype communication software for online video consultations. Online video consultations are not appropriate for urgent medical care. As a comprehensive physical examination is not possible in a video consultation, sometimes a follow-up visit to your doctor may nevertheless be required to reach the correct diagnosis. Video medical consultations are billed at our usual timed consultation rates, however, they do not currently receive any Medicare rebate (we are aware that there are forthcoming changes to Medicare Item funding which will provide some funding in future).

Online consultations:

  1. help improve access to your GP
  2. allow seeking your GP’s advice from your home, office, or holiday location
  3. are a more efficient use of your time,
  4. work well for mental health chats, where a physical examination is not necessary

A registered patient wanting video consultations, may simply upload Skype free of charge to his/her phone, computer or ipad, and inform our reception of his/her skype account name.  Once we have your Skype name registered in your contact details, you may:

  • Click HERE or on any Video Medical Consultation box on this website, to access our Online Bookings page;
  • Select the length of consultation required (be aware that when the length of time you have selected is up, your video link will be cut off, as another patient will be waiting to also consult your doctor. So ensure you book sufficient time for your query);
  • Prepay the consultation fee with your credit card. This sends an automated email to our reception team, who will call you after they receive the email during business hours, to book in your preferred doctor and appointment time;
  • Ensure your device is switched on and Skype is active 5 minutes before your booked appointment time, so that your doctor can contact you by Skype. If you are not contactable at the prebooked time, the doctor will continue seeing other patients, and you will need to telephone reception to reschedule your appointment.
  • If your doctor is briefly delayed with another patient, do not switch off Skype, as he/she will contact you as soon as possible. If a longer delay is likely because your doctor is managing an emergency, and the appointment needs to be rescheduled, our reception team will call you directly to resolve the matter. For this reason, a video consultation should never be booked by/for a critically ill patient, nor by a new patient. It is solely offered for routine non-urgent ongoing medical management of chronic conditions.

As this is a new service, please let us have any feedback through our website Feedback page (click here), so we may continue to improve it.

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