General Information

Consultations are by appointment. This helps us manage doctors’ time efficiently and reduce waiting time.

Please let reception staff know your usual doctor so that they can make an appointment with your doctor when you call. If your usual doctor is unavailable on a particular day, we encourage you to see one of our other doctors who is familiar with your medical history. Patients at our practice are allocated 2 long-term doctors, to ensure continuity of care, a high quality comprehensive medical assessment, and so you always have a familiar friendly person to listen to your concerns.

Appointments are usually 15 minutes for a single problem. If you feel you require a longer appointment of 30 or 45 minutes for 2 or more problems or for complex issues, please book a longer appointment with our reception staff when making your appointment.

Urgent & Emergency Care

We try to accommodate patients who become seriously ill – please let us know the urgent nature of your symptoms when you call to make an appointment.

In a life-threatening emergency, please telephone ‘000’ directly, so an ambulance may attend as soon as possible.


Please let us know if your appointment is no longer required so we can offer it to other patients who may be unwell or require urgent review.

Missed appointments may incur a $50 'failure-to-attend' fee, which is not rebateable.

Online Appointment Bookings

Online appointment bookings are available. Please click on the link button on the right of this page or any of our other website pages to make an online appointment.

If there is any change, to this, our receptionist will contact you (as soon as possible by telephone, SMS, or email) to confirm the doctor, time, date, and the length of appointment.

Longer appointments of 30 minutes are required for the following:

  • New patients
  • Annual health checks
  • Pap smears
  • Travel advice & vaccination
  • Mental health care plans
  • Workcover assessments
  • Medical & insurance forms
  • Minor procedures & excisions

For current patients of this practice, it is also possible to book Video Medical Consultations Online. Please read the relevant information for these under the 'Services' tab, before making a booking.

There are 22 free customer parking spaces in our rear car park. From your car space, it's a level 10 metre walk through the arcade to our front door.


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Recalls & Reminders

We send you an email or letter to remind you when a test or service is due. We do this routinely for Pap smears, blood tests, blood pressure reviews, annual health checks, and childhood vaccinations.

Please let us know if you change your email or postal address.


Do I need an appointment or can I just walk in?

Most consultations are by appointment to avoid keeping patients waiting. Should you attend without an appointment, we do our best to meet your needs, without delaying other pre-booked patients.

What is a standard appointment time and when should I book a long consultation?

A standard appointment is 15 minutes to address a single query. If you have more than one query or the matter is complicated, or you are a new patient with a medical history unknown to us, you should book a longer 30 minute appointment. Patients who attend with long lists of queries, should expect to have these resolved over several appointments, so we don’t keep other patients waiting.

How can I estimate the out-of-pocket cost of a consultation with a specialist GP?

Our fees and your out-of pocket costs (listed on this website), are based on how much time the consultation takes to resolve your query. As a general rule Medicare reimburses 40-50% of the fee, however as soon as patients reach their Medicare Threshold, Medicare reimburses 85-90% of the consultation fee. We do our best to get the maximum reimbursement from Medicare paid back to you on the day.

Could I be treated by an unspecialised GP and be bulk-billed?
You can, but not at this practice. As a private billing practice, we only engage highly trained specialist GPs with the advanced training and skills to deliver a higher calibre of medical care as a family physician. You may find doctors in other medical centres who bulk bill because they have not done postgraduate training or are inexperienced. It is more difficult to get continuity of care with the same doctor in such centres, and because the Medicare rebate is so low, those doctors understandably can’t afford to give you the time you may need.
Is it possible to have a telephone/online video consultation with my doctor?

You may call reception to book a telephone or online video consultation with your doctor. You will be asked whether it is a standard or long consultation, and billed accordingly on a time basis. Online video consultations may be booked on this website from the privacy of your home computer or office by clicking here. This practice uses ‘skype’ or 'zoom' software for video consultations, which may be downloaded free from the internet.

Our fees are the same for telephone & video consultations, and since 2020 onwards, all telehealth consultations receive the equivalent medicare rebate to a face-to-face consult. Please note, that after you hang up, your doctor still has to do the paperwork, scripts, referrals, or medical notes normally required, and this time is counted as part of your telehealth consultation, in the same way, as your doctor does these for you, when you attend face-to-face.

Can I email non-urgent questions to my GP?

Our GP's do not accept emails requesting clinical advice, because they can not ask relevant diagnostic questions, to safely respond. Our policy is for our receptionist to book a face-to-face consultation or book a telephone or video consultation instead. Administrative questions may be emailed to the reception team from the 'Contact Us' page on this website. and are generally addressed within 48-72 hours. There is no fee for this service. For any urgent clinical or administrative query, we recommend you telephone our reception team to resolve the matter.

Can I get a ‘repeat’ referral without seeing a doctor?

Your GP may refer you to a single organ specialist only for a specific purpose or investigation. (Routine repeat reviews are sometimes pointless and costly). You will usually require an appointment with your GP to:

  • Discuss whether a referral is needed (as we are often able to resolve the query for you)
  • Determine the most relevant specialist for your condition
  • Legally oblige a specialist to correspond back to your GP, thus providing continuity of care

A ‘new’ referral requires an appointment booked with your doctor, BEFORE seeing a specialist. Medicare specifically forbids backdated referrals.

(Note, that any person may see a specialist WITHOUT a referral, paying the full cost of the consultation (as Medicare will not provide a rebate of costs), and that specialist is not obliged to correspond with your GP after the review)

In circumstances where you require a ‘repeat’ referral to your specialist, AND this has already been discussed with your GP in the last 3 months, you may request a repeat referral by clicking here. The cost of this service is $55.

How are blood and imaging test results managed?

Blood test and imaging results are always sent directly to your doctor for initial review. When your doctor is on leave, another doctor in the practice is appointed to review your doctor’s test results (as well as their own). Every single result is reviewed, and we do not routinely contact you about normal results.

Our receptionist will call you with any abnormal results with information about a necessary follow-up appointment, treatment, or further test requested by your doctor. Blood tests are analysed off-site by scientists and machines at Sonic Healthcare Laboratories, and are not instantly available . If you are concerned, please allow at least 2 days before telephoning to enquire about results. We request your understanding because (apart from treating patients), our doctors review hundreds of tests results every week.

Why do I receive preventative health reminders?

Your doctor records a reminder in your medical record, so that we contact you about preventative health matters on dates planned in advance. A receptionist will telephone or email you when you are due for cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, or cervical screening, blood pressure checks, and immunisations. We record when you have been contacted so that in situations where the follow up is critical, your doctor can be made aware should you decide not to go ahead.

How do I transfer my records from another medical practice?
We have a Transfer of Medical Records Request form available either from your doctor, at reception, or you can complete it at home, by clicking here, printing it, signing it, and then emailing it or dropping it off to your previous doctor (or to us). Either you or we can email this completed form, signed by you, to your previous doctor. Your previous practice may charge a fee to cover the administrative cost, prior to sending your medical record in a confidential encrypted format to us. We then upload the electronic data file into our medical practice software, and integrate it into the ongoing medical notes we record.
Do I need to make an appointment to have a blood test?

Blood tests, ECG’s, and H-Pylori breath tests do not require an appointment, and are available weekday mornings between 7.30am-12.30pm. When your doctor has requested a more specific test, (eg. a Holter Monitor or 24 hour Blood Pressure recording) these do require an appointment booked with our Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology Service (or at the time of your referral) to ensure the test equipment is on site.

Does the doctor do home visits?

Our doctors do home visits for their regular patients who live locally, when they are too unwell to attend the practice. The out of pocket cost of a home visit is approximately $189.00 during practice hours, and $250.00 after hours.

Can I request a ‘repeat’ prescription online without seeing a doctor?

A current registered patient of this practice may request a repeat prescription online, only if your doctor has reviewed you within the last 3 months. This is a Medicare and Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme requirement. The cost of this service is $27.

  • ALL other script requests require a booked appointment.
  • ALL requests for a ‘new’ or ‘changed’ medication require a booked appointment.
  • You may nevertheless be called to make an appointment if your doctor recommends it because follow up was originally intended (the script fee is refunded at your appointment).

For repeat prescriptions, current patients of the practice may click here.

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