1. Scripts

For registered patients only who have seen their doctor in the last 3 months, a routine repeat script may be requested:

  • by booking a telehealth consultation, or
  • from your usual doctor through our HotDoc booking service, or
  • on this website by clicking here
  • the script is then scan emailed & posted to your pharmacy
  • a fee of $27 is charged for online scripts


  • your medical condition requires review, or
  • it has been over 3 months since a doctor reviewed you, or
  • your doctor is away and another doctor is unable to safely fill the script,

please call reception to book an appointment or book online. The fee for incorrectly ordered online scripts is refunded from the cost of a booked F2F appointment.

2. Referrals

  • All new referral requests require an appointment booked with your GP (by telehealth or F2F) for a preliminary diagnostic assessment, and any tests that may need to be ordered, prior to seeing a sub-specialist. These should not be requested online
  • Also, if it is over 3 months since your last consultation, a telehealth or F2F appointment must be booked
  • Often, our experienced GP’s can answer your query, saving you the cost of a sub-specialist visit
  • Prepaid online repeat referrals without a GP consultation are only for a) patients with established long-term annual sub-specialist reviews, AND b) where your GP is already familiar with the chronic medical condition
  • The fee for a prepaid online repeat referral without a GP consultation, is $55, and may be obtained by clicking here.
  • If your doctor decides a review appointment is nevertheless required, our reception will call to book you an appointment. A prepaid referral fee is deducted from the cost of your appointment.

NOTE: As a matter of strict practice policy, no scripts for sleeping tablets, benzodiazepines, opioids, or any other S8 medications which lead to dependence or tolerance will be provided online without a face to face consultation.

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