Emailed Medical Queries

We offer a fee-based email service for BRIEF medical queries.  This service is specifically only for routine non-diagnostic non-urgent advice from your usual doctor. Please state in your email to which doctor you are directing the medical query. Your doctor will respond to the query on a non-urgent basis only when he/she is physically present at work, not treating other patients, and usually within 3 days.

If your doctor is on-leave or away until the following week, where possible we may ask another doctor to respond to your query in a timely manner. However, if the query can not be safely answered by email or the delay is going to be prolonged, our receptionist may call you to arrange a face to face appointment with another of our doctors. We do not accept email requests for comprehensive medical advice because there isn’t sufficient information to resolve the query safely, and our doctors are unable to obtain a longer history nor examine you by email. In such cases, any prepaid fee shall be refunded or deducted from the cost of the related face to face consultation. Click here to be directed to our Online Services webpage.

Online Repeat Script Requests

A face to face appointment is necessary for most prescriptions particularly when it is over 3 months since your last consultation. This is to ensure optimal patient care with any necessary adjustments to your medication dose. If you wish to obtain a Medicare Rebate, Medicare requires a face-to-face appointment.

For existing patients only, when an appointment is not required, a routine repeat script may be requested online from your usual doctor. We then arrange to fax & post it to your pharmacist, or you may collect the script at reception. A non-rebatable fee of $25 for scripts is charged to cover your doctor’s administrative time in reviewing your records and writing the script. Where your medical condition requires review, or it has been over 3 months since your doctor reviewed you, or your doctor is away and another doctor is unable to safely fill the script, reception will call you to book an appointment, and any prepaid fee shall be deducted from the cost of your appointment.

Online Repeat Referral Request

A face to face appointment with your GP is required for most subspecialist referrals, particularly when it is over 3 months since your last consultation. In many cases, our very experienced GP’s can answer your query, and a subspecialist visit may be unnecessary. Any ‘new’ referral request requires a face to face appointment booked with your GP for preliminary diagnostic assessment and any tests that may need to be ordered, prior to seeing a subspecialist. These should not be requested online.

For those patients with established long-term annual subspecialist reviews, AND where your GP is already familiar with your chronic medical condition, a prepaid online repeat referral may be obtained without a face to face GP consultation, by clicking here.  If after review of your file your doctor decides an appointment is nevertheless required, our reception will call to book you in, and any prepaid referral fee will be deducted from the cost of your appointment.

No Telephone consultations

With the availability of much safer online video medical consultations, we do not provide telephone clinical consultations, as it is difficult to take an adequate history and impossible to examine a patient. Our doctors may call you to discuss routine test results or brief explanations of treatment plans. Should you request diagnostic advice from your doctor over the telephone, you will be asked to make an appointment for a face to face consultation or offered an online video consultation booking.

Non-urgent Administrative Query To Practice Manager

Should you have any queries about your account, Medicare, State and National health systems, e-health, how health insurance works, or about our own or other local health services, you may email our Practice Manager through either the Online Services page or the Contact page on this website. We do not charge fees for administrative enquiries handled by our very capable admin team, who can resolve all non-medical queries. If your query is urgent, please telephone us directly on 8209 3999.

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