Jan 23, 2018 Weight Loss & Wellness

Our team of specialists and experts have devised a tailored program for weight loss that works.

Obesity is associated with an increased incidence of cancer, heart disease, depression, diabetes, & early arthritis of back/hips/knees.


  • Tailored supervised one-to-one 12 week program
  • Advice by an experienced team: specialist GP, a Dietician, and an Exercise Physiologist.
  • If required we can also refer you to a Psychologist and a Bariatric Surgeon
  • Evidence based solutions


  • Weight loss
  • Waist reduction
  • Improve strength, stamina & energy levels
  • Reduce incidence and complications of:
    • Heart attacks
    • Diabetes
    • Hypertension
    • All Cancers
    • Osteoarthritis
    • Osteoporosis,
    • Depression
    • Sleep apnoea


  • Patient education, advice, and regular monitoring
  • Re-establish healthy habits and introduce sustainable lifestyle changes
  • Gradual sustainable improvements and targets
  • No rapid fast unsustainable diets nor overambitious targets


  • Total program upfront cost payable – $1400
  • If eligible for Medicare funding – $429 reimbursed
  • Most private health insurers refund the same as Medicare, if not eligible for Medicare
  • Expected minimum weight loss – 10kg
Dr Will Manovel

About The Author - Dr Will Manovel

Dr Will Manovel is an experienced General Practitioner and the founder of the Balmoral Medical Practice. As the only family medical practice owned by GP’s in Mosman, our vision is to deliver the best medical care & advice, and be a local source of knowledge, comfort and shared wisdom.

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